Fans of actor/artist Gerald Okamura - The Man of Many Weapons - that will be headed to DesignerCon 2019 (November 22nd through 24th) will be able to grab a number of Okamura-inspired items at the show. If you're in Anaheim, CA, head to the Wing Kong Tiki/Skatepunk Booth #2136.

The following items will be available:

Wing Kong TEQ by artist David Gonzalez - 6 pieces
Wing Kong Tiki Maui Gold Edition by artist David Gonzalez - 24 pieces
Big Trouble by Flabslab - 7 pieces
AR Golden Gunslinger by artist ITPStudios - 6 figures
Wing Kong Pop by artist Funkoboss - 2 pieces
Tiki Pop by artist David Gonzalez - 12 pieces
Tiki Kaiju painted and signed by Mark Nagata - 6 figures
Man of Many Weapons Print by artist Mark Nagata - 15 prints
Ninja Wave Print by artist Steve Nazar - 25 prints
Ninja Wave Skate Deck by artist Steve Nazar - 12 pieces
Ninja Wave Puzzle by artist Steve Nazar - 10 pieces
Master G Gray Variant by artist Mike Mendez - 12 pieces

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