From Creator of Designer Toys comes the Deadly Duo - Bone Daddy and Meowl Halloween Combo. Available beginning on Thursday October 24th 2019 at 5PM PT, these guys are handcrafted out of resin and stand roughly 3.5 inches tall. There will be 13 sets available for this Halloween special, with each one selling for $45.00.

Deadly Duo Backstory:

In a teeny tiny graveyard in a land far more magical than our own, lived a blissfully content little skeleton. Daily he walked the boundary of his graveyard smartly dressed in a top hat and brandishing an embellished cane. Maintaining the grounds and greeting anyone brave enough to pass thru the graveyard. Although he was friendly, there was an heir of creepiness associated with him (after all he was a walking, talking skeleton) that unfortunately scared away any potential frequent visitors. Although he didn't mind being alone, he often wondered what it would be like to have a great friend in which to pass the time. Several eons passed, visitors became even less frequent and time forgot the tiny graveyard. After being alone for so long, the little skeleton all but gave up hope of finding a friend, until one day he heard a playful Meow off in the far corner of the graveyard. Eager to have a visitor, the skeleton raced in the direction of were he last heard the sound. Standing on one of his favorite gravestones was what could only be described as an extraordinarily majestic creature. The creature was a half cat, half owl beast known as a Meowl. The Meowl also knew what it was like to be alone (after all he was an extraordinary creature and other creatures often fear what they can't explain). The 2 kindred spirits became fast friends and can still to this day be seen roaming the teeny tiny graveyard grounds, laughing and passing the time together.

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