Super7 has announced the debut of their Ultimate Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Series. There are currently 4 figures that will be part of Wave 1 in this 7-inch articulated figure lineup. The TMNT Ultimate - Wave 1 Figures are a made-to-order release, with a pre-order window running from October 1st through October 31st 2019.  Each figure will be available individually for $45.00 plus shipping.

Raphael comes armed with: Fully Loaded Weapons Rack; Communicator (open and closed); Alternate Head and Hands; Pizza slice

Splinter includes: Fully Loaded Weapons Rack; Walking Stick; Ninja Bow; Baby Turtle; Removable Robe; Alternate Hands; Cup of Tea

Foot Soldier
The Foot Soldier comes armed with: Fully Loaded Weapons Rack; Alternate Hands for Ninja Poses

Baxter Stockman
Baxter Stockman comes with: Fully Loaded Weapons Rack; Alternate Hands; Mouser

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