Funko has announced a trio of new Pop! Games Series based on video and tabletop games.

The Pop! Games Apex Legends Series includes eight characters straight from the game, including Pop! Wraith, Pop! Mirage, Pop! Lifeline, Pop! Gibraltar, Pop! Caustic, Pop! Bloodhound, Pop! Pathfinder, and Pop! Bangalore. Look for them here on Amazon.

The Pop! Games Guild Wars 2 Series includes three characters from the videogame, including Pop! Rytlock - the Blood Legion Tribune stationed in the Black Citadel; Pop! Palawa Ignacious Joko - the powerful undead lich; Pop! Baby Aurene - the dragon with the gift of prophetic visions. (A digital item download code is included with each Pop!) Look for them here on Amazon.

And the Pop! Games Dungeons & Dragons Series includes a trio of characters from the tabletop role-playing game. They include the Pop! Asmodeus - the Lord of the Nine Hells, Pop! Mind Flayer, and Pop! Minsc and Boo. Look for them here on Amazon.