Thundercats are loose...and Super7 has announced the pre-order details for their Ultimate Thundercats Series. Each 7-inch tall super-articulated deluxe action figure includes a number of interchangeable parts and accessories. They are currently available to pre-order for $45.00 each. The pre-order window closes on Friday September 13th 2019 and is expected to ship in Spring 2020.

The first four figures included are...

Lion-O - heroic leader of the Thundercats (pictured above)
Figure includes: Sword Of Omens; Claw Shield; Claw Shield with Sword of Omens; Alternate Claw Shield; Alternate Claw Shield with Sword of Omens; Interchangeable Hands; Interchangeable Head; Book of Omens

Jackalman - the evil Mutant warrior from the planet Plun-Darr
Figure includes: Club; Axe; Mutant Net Gun; Mutant Guns; Interchangeable Hands; Interchangeable Head

Mummy Mumm-Ra - the true form of the evil Mumm-Ra the Everliving
Figure includes: Poseable Fabric Cape with wire insert; Plastic Cape; Staff; Sword of Plun-Darr; Book of Omens Repaint; Thundranium Urn; Rosenkrantz Medallion; Interchangable Head

Panthro - the Thunderian chief mechanic
Figure includes: Nunchucks with real chain; Spinning Nunchucks; Thundrometer; Key of Thunera; Wrench; Welding Gun; Goggles; Detonator; Communicator; Interchangeable Hands; Interchangeable Head

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