Look away now if you don't want Stranger Things Season 3 spoilers...

Okay...I'm not actually sure if there are any spoilers, but it's quite possible. With Strange Things Season 3 being released on Netflix yesterday, Funko is already teasing a pair of new series based on this season. The Stranger Things Mystery Minis Series includes Jim Hopper, Lucas Sinclair, Will Byers, Eleven, Battle Version Eleven, Max Mayfield, Steve with ice cream, Mike Wheeler, Joyce Byers, Dustin Henderson, Billy, Karen Wheeler, Erica Sinclair, and Nancy Wheeler. Also, there are exclusives only available at Hot Topic - Karen Wheeler, Billy, and Eleven - and Target - Dustin Henderson, Eleven, and Nancy Wheeler.

In addition to the Mystery Minis, Funko has also announced a handful of new Stranger Things Pop! figures. They include Pop! Eleven, Pop! Mike, Pop! Joyce, Pop! Lifeguard Billy, and a 6” Pop! Tom/Bruce. Exclusives include a Pop! Eleven with a bear (Target) and a Pop! Eleven in yellow (Amazon).

You can currently head over to Amazon.com to pick up these or any number of Stranger Things x Funko collectibles.

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