Diamond Select Toys and Gentle Giant Ltd. will be attending San Diego Comic-Con 2019 at Booth #2607. They've announced a bundle of exclusives, including the following items...

Invader Zim Vinimates Extra Doom Vinyl Figure 2-Pack. Limited to 250 pieces. $20.00
Ghostbusters Movie Slimed Action Figures Box Set. Limited to 1984 pieces. $80.00
Real Ghostbusters Action Figures Spectral GB Box Set. $120.00
Marvel Comics Gallery SDCC X-Force Deadpool PVC Diorama. Limited to 10,000 pieces. $50.00
Muppets Select Deluxe Messy Swedish Chef Action Figure. Limited to 500 pieces. $30.00
Star Trek Starship Legends Gold Enterprise NCC-1701-C. Limited to 250 pieces. $60.00
DC Premier Collection Harley Quinn Gem Edition Statue. Limited to 200 pieces. $200.00
DC Gallery SDCC Speed Force Flash PVC Diorama. Limited to 7,000 pieces. $50.00
Legends in 3D Marvel Comic SDCC X-Force Deadpool ½ Scale Bust. Limited to 1,000 pieces. $50.00
Star Wars Concept Sandtrooper Mini-Bust. Limited to 750 pieces. $120.00
Marvel Comics Gallery SDCC X-Force X-23 as Wolverine PVC Diorama. Limited to 6,000 pieces. $50.00
Marvel Gallery SDCC Captain Marvel SHIELD PVC DIorama. Limited to 4,000 pieces. $50.00
John Wick Vinimates Chapter 1 Vinyl Figure. Limited to 250 pieces. $10.00
Forbidden Planet Vinimates Retro Robby Vinyl Figure. Limited to 250 pieces. $10.00
Lost in Space Vinimates Retro B9 Vinyl Figure. Limited to 250 pieces. $10.00
Iron Giant Vinimates Weathered Vinyl Figure. Limited to 250 pieces. $10.00
Pacific Rim Uprising Battle Damaged Gipsy Avenger Action Figure. Limited to only 250 pieces. $20.00

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