Apples has returned with a new 4-inch tall Munny custom based on the artist's Dr. Apples Franchise. This latest custom is named Dr. Apples: Cheese and can be purchased for $250.00. The artist's details are below:

Well he’s kinda cute there. This is a happy little Dr. Apples before all of his crazy. He loved hanging around his mother, his newsboy hat and pet piggy bank. He’s never let go of those habits. We are currently on the search to find his mother. She was kidnapped by fairies when he was a teen. Come with us on this journey of wonder and obstructions.

This is a custom, one-of-one 4” Munny of Dr. Apples. The base is Munny. His face and hands are made from polymer clay. His lovely brown eyes are resined and his hair is packed firmly on his little head with his cool hat. He is accompanied with his pet polymer clay piggy bank. This vinyl toy is based from a scene from the Dr. Apples Novella, Dr. Apples: The Origin, The Eye & The Journey. Some versions of the novella have illustrations made exactly from this one-of-one munny.

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