Several months back, Devils Head Productions had announced that their first Japanese soft vinyl toy - the Alavaka - would retire. Well, that day has come. DHP has announced a few releases that will hit their web-shop beginning tomorrow (July 20th 2019).

And so he retires, off into the sunset. The final painted run has an awesome summer vibe from head to toe. These Alavaka have been cast in opaque white Japanese vinyl and painted with shades of blue, green, red, brown, tan, black and metallic sprays. There is a single chase figure that has been cast in yellow vinyl and it will be sold at random. Comes with an assortment of vinyl stickers. Enjoy your rest my friend! Made in Japan. Not intended for children under 14 years old.
$70.00 each

On October 10th 2018, the world tragically lost Scott Godon-Decoteau. There will never be another person who embraced the adventurous aspect of life more than he did. That spirit was "in your face" obvious with anything and everything he did with Barks and Wreck. These mixed parts toys make it possible for the full color pallet of his company to be present in each set. Buy a toy and GIVE in to fun and adventure. 100% of the proceeds from the sales will go directly to Scott's son. Comes with an assortment of stickers. Made in Japan. Not intended for children under 14 years old.
$175.00 each

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