Super7 has announced four new figures to their 7-inch Deluxe Figure line that will undoubtedly please fans of 1980's and 90's cartoon. First off, the Ren & Stimpy 7-inch Deluxe Figures are now available to pre-order for $40.00 each. Ren Höek and Stimpson J. Cat are available individually and will come with an assortment of hilarious accessories...including Gritty Kitty litter and interchangeable heads.

Also available for pre-order, there's the  Deluxe 7-inch Figure of the Toxic Crusader. If you don't remember, Troma's Toxie was cartoon-ized for kids back in the Toxic Crsusaders cartoon that premiered in 1990. Toxie will come in deluxe packaging with an appropriate assortment of accessories straight out of his animated world. This figure runs $35.00.

And finally, they've announced the Deluxe 7-inch Voltron Figure. The figure will come in deluxe packaging with his sword and shield. Like Toxie, the Voltron figure is available to pre-order for $35.00.

The pre-order window for all of these figures will be open until Sunday, June 30th 2019.

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