Toy Story 4 (and original trilogy) Cosbaby Collectibles

With Toy Story 4 set to open in theaters tomorrow, Hot Toys is back with a new series of Toy Story 4 Cosbaby collectibles (as well as some Cosbaby figures from the first three films). Based on the highly anticipated movie, the Toy Story 4 Cosbaby collection includes the following: Buzz Lightyear with eyeball rotation function, Jessie, Alien, Rex, Slinky Dog, the Woody with eyeball rotation function and Forky set, the Bo Peep and Giggle set, and the Ducky and Bunny set.

And from the first three films, Hot Toys has announced a new wave of Toy Story Cosbaby figures including: Alien on Spaceship in metallic color version, Hamm (with Cone or Lifebelt), and Lotso.

Look for these, plus other Toy Story Cosbaby figures, to be available to purchase over at

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