This coming weekend, the fine folks from Tomenosuke are releasing the 4th colorway of artist Doktor A's Thomas Nosuke figure. The Thomas Nosuke “Id” GID Edition, produced by Tomenosuke and sculpted by Yohei Kaneko (Mirock Toy), will drop on April 27th 2019 at 23:59 JST (11:59AM ET). This will be a 40 piece edition, with only 30 pieces available to purchase online. They will be available for to purchase from Tomenosuke's Japan Site and their International Site for ¥14.040 (about $125).

Our products are a cut above your average GID (Glow In The Dark) products. For one thing, we use a process that is technically termed double injection molding to first pour clear vinyl material into the mold, and then, when the vinyl has hardened to a certain extent, pour in the special GID material. You could say that this process requires twice the effort but the result is a product that stands out twice as much. By having the glow pass through a transparent layer, we give our products a unique shine. In any case, this will be the last edition that will feature the popular bonus miniature space pistol.

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