SPLURRT and Lulubell Toys has announced the Rotten Lime Collection. The signature hot green and black SPLURRT brand colors - with a swirl of milky vinyl tossed in for good measure - have been masterfully blended by Shirahama Seikei for this four figure exclusive release. Four SPLURRT sculpts have been chosen for this run: 

Rotten Lime Cadaver Kid 
Approximately 4 inches tall

Rotten Lime Met Death Golem
Approximately 12 inches tall

Rotten Lime Cinema Monster
Approximately 10 inches tall

Rotten Lime Usir/Diggler Combo Set
6 inches tall with Usir Head, 4 inches tall with Diggler Head

SPLURRT's "Rotten Lime" collection will be available on Saturday, March 9th 2019 at 9AM PT exclusively via lulubelltoys.com.

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