The Minions found themselves to be monsters without masters! The great God Wars that found their masters destroyed has left them to continue on their own path for the first time in their lives. They no longer have to fulfill the malevolent bidding of their ridiculous kings... now they can do anything! They have found themselves to no longer fear the cruel wrath of their former masters, but now find that freedom itself is the new fear! The great uncertainty of the universe is unfolding before them! NOW THEY TRULY LIVE! Join the Minions as you all collectively live your best lives, free from any gods or masters!

The Minions are designed by Skinner and sculpted by Paul Kaiju. The No Masters Minions are cast in super glow vinyl and painted with a neon "Skinner-y" color pallet, and then highlighted with black spray detailing and hand painted eyes and veins. The set of two figures runs $80.00 plus shipping. It will be available to order on Thursday, February 28th 2019 at 10AM PT exclusively via Lulubell Toys

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