David Silva, the man behind Creative Beast Studio and the Beasts of the Mesozoic series, has announced some additions of the Raptor Series flock. The next set of Raptor Series action figures has already begun production (without the need for crowdfunding) and are now being offered for the first time to pre-order at a special reduced price. These figures will remain available to pre-order until they are in-stock, which is estimated to be late March or early April 2019.

Those figures now available for pre-order include the following:

  • Velociraptor mongoliensis (2nd release) - $46.99
  • Dromaeosaurus albertensis (2nd release) - $46.99
  • Sauronitholestes sullivani (runner) - $46.99
  • Velociraptor mongoliensis (black) - $46.99
  • Velociraptor osmolskae 'Alpha' (shared exclusive) - $46.99
  • White Nestlings 3-Pack - $28.99
  • Western 2-Pack- Buitreraptor g. and young Stenonychosaurus i. - $42.99
  • Eastern 2-pack- Mircoraptor g.and Mononykus o. - $42.99

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