Funko has announced a bevy of Captain Marvel collectibles from some of their most popular toy lines.

From the Pop! line, there's Carol Danvers on an adventure to save the world with her Pop! Ride. You'll be able to pick up Captain Marvel (masked or unmasked), Vers, Nick Fury (with both eyes fully functional), Kree military officer Star Commander - Talos, Goose the Cat, and Maria Rambeau. Also, there will be several exclusives, including Flying Pop! Captain Marvel (Target), Glowing Captain Marvel (Walmart), Masked Vers (GameStop), Goose the Cat Flocked (BoxLunch), Carol Danvers (FYE), and Captain Marvel with her jacket (Hot Topic).

Give your keys a marvelous touch with the Captain Marvel (with or without mask), Goose the Cat, and Vers Pop! keychains. The Vers Pop! Keychain is available exclusively at BoxLunch and Hot Topic. And if you’re looking for Captain Marvel characters with an adorable edge, Captain Marvel, her beloved pet Goose the Cat, and Vers are also available as Dorbz figures, available as Funko web exclusives.

For the others, head on over to to check out all of their Funko Captain Marvel Collectibles.

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