From Spanish artist Rultron comes Tiger-Guts Taylor - an 8-inch tall resin figure that's been designed, modeled and hand painted by the artist...and produced by Brian of Dead Hand Toys. The Tiger-Guts Taylor resin is a super limited edition of only 20 pieces, with a box that's been illustrated by Juan Gedeon.

To pick one up, you can email Rultron directly ( or try to grab one from La Fiambrera Gallery in Madrid at

Tiger-Guts Taylor is a rude Wrestler from Earth trapped in a distant and violent intergalactic tournament, where only victory can bring him back home... ´til that moment, he must fight as if each day were the last against fierce Wrestlers of many worlds. Some of them, prisoners like him, many others, soulless mechanical beasts or bloodthirsty mutants ...

For now, Guts can only keep fighting and wonder ... WHO'S NEXT?

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