Kidrobot and Adult Swim have teamed up to release a trio of new Medium Art Figures from three Adult Swim cartoons.

Meatwad, Frylock and Master Shake join forces and combine their greasy goodness to create this fan-favorite fighting machine in the new Mecha Aqua Teen Hunger Force Vinyl Art Figure by Kidrobot. A robot figure built for avid and casual fans alike, this must-have addition to your collection features the hit series’ characters in an unexpected but perfectly recognizable piece standing at 6 inches tall. It's available for $49.99.

The Kidrobot x Adult Swim Mr. Pickles Vinyl Art Figure adds a dash of demonic charm to your collection to spice up your home with man’s best friend... and worst nightmare. Just try and say no to this adorable mutt who just happens to be possessed by the devil. Standing in at 8.5 inches tall, this art figure is available for $49.99.

Finally, they have teamed up on the new Robot Chicken Vinyl Art Figure. Your collection will come alive with this Robot Chicken in the flesh (and metal...and vinyl). With the mad scientist’s head firmly in-hand, Kidrobot brings this robot road-kill to life. You can grab your own for $49.99.

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