Tomenosuke has announced that the Rick Deckard's Gun - from Blade Runner 2049 - the Harrison Ford Signature Edition will be launched today - October 16th 2018 - at 11:00PM ET. Limited to 75 pieces, the customized Tomenosuke blasters for the "Harrison Ford Signature Edition" will are slated to be reproductions of the Deckard Blaster used for the firing prop model in the movie "Blade Runner 2049". The firing model prop blaster was made at the firearm specialty studio, ISS (Independent Studio Services) in Hollywood, which combines the real Charter Arms Bulldog and the receivers of the Steyr Mannlicher Rifle into the Tomenosuke blaster. Only three of these blasters were made for the shooting scene in the film.

These have bee custom made with the help of original Tomenosuke blaster gunsmith, Nobutaka Toku, and a custom gun craftsman, Toshihiko Sato. The brass plaque, each autographed by Harrison Ford, is screwed inside of a commemorative wooden case handmade by Hida Takayama's wood craft workshop, which contains a special custom blaster and wooden blaster stand together.

You'll be able to pick these up at the Hollywood Collector's Gallery Web Store.

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