Tenacious Toys has released their first self-produced vinyl toy. The Danger Dog is a 5-inch vinyl pit bull figure with 1 point of articulation. Danger was sculpted up by Mike "NEMO" Mendez from the original 2-inch size. (Previously, Tenacious Toys released Danger as a limited edition 2-inch resin figure in several colorways.) Dead Hand Toys helped produce the resin tooling masters for the factory. And the dog is a 3D interpretation of the mascot logo developed for Tenacious Toys by Alex "Playful Gorilla" Rivera.

Danger is currently available on the Tenacious Toys website in three variants:

  • OG Blue Painted ($45.00, boxed, limited to 100 pieces)
  • Blank Blue ($40.00, bagged with header card, limited to 100 pieces)
  • DIY White ($40.00, bagged with header card, will be open run but currently limited to 50 pieces)

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