Funko wants to help you celebrate the season of frights and ghouls by heading into the lair of Pennywise the Dancing Clown. The Mystery Minis: IT Series includes Richie, Beverly, Eddie, Bill, Stan, Mike, Henry Bowers, Georgie, Georgie with a missing arm, Pennywise with spider legs, Pennywise with a balloon, Pennywise as a painting, Pennywise dancing, Pennywise as a zombie, and Ben with a letter.

In addition, there will be exclusive versions of Pennywise, Ben, and Bill available at Hot Topic; exclusive versions of Pennywise, Eddie, and Beverly at FYE; and two different Pennywise versions and Mike with Rebar at Walgreens.

This series is currently available to purchase at for $7.99 per blind box.

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