With The Predator set to open up at theaters next month, Funko has dropped a few nuggets for fans of the film franchise. The Pop! Movies: The Predator Series features the titular creature with a one-in-six chase (a Super Predator (in case the Predator wasn’t sufficiently terrifying) and a Predator Hound with a one-in-six Chase (yes...there will be Predator Pups). 

There will be a number of exclusives, including a highly colorful heat vision version of a Predator Hound is available as an Amazon exclusive. Rory wearing a Predator mask is available as a Funko Shop exclusive. And a chrome version of the Predator is available at FYE!

Look for these to be available for pre-orderover at Amazon.com (or you can pick up some of the already released Predator collectibles).

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