Hot Toys has teamed up once again with Kennyswork (Kenny Wong) on a pair of figures for their Artist Mix Collection.  Molly will be available in a pair of disguises. There's the Molly Harley Quinn Disguise Masquerade Version Artist Mix Figure shown above. The figure measures about 9 inches in height. The piece features Molly dressed in Harley Quinn’s jumpsuit painted in shiny metallic green and purple color, sitting on the Jack-in-the-box gripping her oversized mallet.

Also, they've announced the Molly Wonder Woman Disguise Artist Mix Figure, which measures approximately 11.4 inches in height. This figure features the adorable girl character Molly portraying Wonder Woman in her signature outfit with the double W and the white stars spangled around the red and blue two-tone battle suit.

Look for these Artist Mix figures to be available alongside the already released figures over at

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