Funko has announced some new Gremlins collectibles (Is Gremlins really 34 years old?). The Vynl.: Gremlins - Gizmo & Stripe is a two-pack set that includes the most recognizable Gremlins from the original film. The good Mogwai vs the bad Gremlin. Also, a few of the most recognizable characters from Gremlins 2 will be available as part of the Pop! Horror: Gremlins 2 series. You'll be able to pick up Greta, the fabulous first female Gremlin (I had no idea this one had a name), and the Gremlin flasher, complete with trench coat and sunglasses to avoid easy identification.

You can currently pre-order the Gremlins Pop! figures at for $10.99 each, while the Vynl. set ia available to pre-order for $14.99.

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