From the hit Pixar film - Incredibles 2 - come the newly introduced Incredibles 2 Cosbaby Series from Hot Toys. Stand between 3 and 5 inches tall, the lineup includes the fan-favorite super Parr family (each with different inborn special power), Edna Mode the super-suit designer as well as Hot Toys original character - Movbi - in a red and black jumpsuit.

A collectible set with the five Parr members includes Elastigirl (extended arms with embedded wires allowing a variety of poses) and Dash (twistable waist) These are both exclusively available via the set. There's also Mr. Incredible, teenage Violet (with translucent lower body), and super powerful Jack-Jack.

Look for these to be available over at

In addition to the Incredibles family set, the Edna Mode and Jack-Jack Cosbaby (S) Collectible Set are offered to fans. This one features a smiling Jack-Jack sitting in his baby diaper and the designer Edna Mode.

Finally, the recently debuted Hot Toys’ original character Movbi will be available in a special box of two, including baby Jack-Jack with translucent fire effect and Movbi dressed up in the iconic Incredibles suit.

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