I'll be posting 10 Questions with... a number of artists who are taking part in the Aim, Destroy, Transform: Play for Change Toy Show , presented by Medialia Gallery & The Ethyr and taking place November 4-25 2017 in NYC.

Artist/Toy Maker: Eric Nocella Diaz
Toy: Dragonfly 2.0
Website: ArgonautResins
Twitter: @ArgonautResins
Instagram: @ArgonautResins

Where are you originally from?:

Who is your favorite artist (any artist, any medium)?:
Juan Gimenez - www.juangimenez.com

What was your favorite toy line as a child?:
G I Joe (old school 12 inch action figures)

What's your most prized collectible?:
Leap Of Faith fine art sculpture by artist Thomas Blackshear - www.blackshearonline.com

What was the last film you watched?:
Wonder Woman

Do you unbox and display or keep MIB (mint in box)?:
Toys I didn’t make I unbox and display, toys I sculpted that made it to the shelves stay unboxed.

What was the last book you read?:
Event by David Lynn Golemon

Star Trek or Star Wars?:
Star Trek AND Star Wars, I need both!

What motto/creed do you try to live by?:
“What goes around comes around."

What was the inspiration behind the piece that you produced for the Aim, Destroy, Transform: Play for Change toy show?:
The metallic gold Dragonfly. When I look at it it long enough, I see soft and firm at the same time.