Sideshow Collectibles posted the above photo showing actor, Joker, and photobomber-extraordinairre Mark Hamill (and what appears to be his dog Millie, sitting patiently by - I envy folks whose dogs behave) wielding his 1/6th scale Star Wars: The Last Jedi likeness produced by Hot Toys. I'm sure it's pretty wacky seeing yourself produced as a collectible figure, but I'm guessing Mr. Hamill is well used to it - it's been happening for the past 40 years.

Although, as you can see below, they seem to be doing a much better job lately (Everyone probably wants to forget about the "juiced" Lukes from The Power of the Force Series. Ironically, performance enhancing drugs must have been a part of life during the mid-90's - from major league baseball to Star Wars collectibles.)

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