ESC-Toy has released their all new 9DKP Micro Animated Series over at the ESC Toy Youtube Channel. "Immerse yourself in the world of 9DKP filled with Kats, Zombies, and Survivors told in a cute, funny, and retro way. Watch your favorite 9DKP characters come to life and find out what they are up to."

I checked out the first two episodes (there are 10 total episodes as of posting of this article). They've created the series with an early 90's retro video game style. Think Super NES style graphics. Based on the card game (which also now has an app), each episode runs about 3 minutes in length.

Since the 9DKP concept was created by Erick Scarecrow, I'm wondering how long before we see some toy series based on it. Personally, I feel a blind box line would be perfect.

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