Diamond Select Toys has announced a group of figures that are expected to ship in late 2017 and early 2018.

Cthulhu Vinimates Vinyl Figure
“Old god” and literary superstar Cthulhu is the latest 4-inch figure to join the Vinimates vinyl figure line. With an articulated neck, he can cast his gaze at the faithful and unfaithful alike, summoning all to join his shambling host.

DC Vinimates DC Comics Vinyl Figures Series 2
Three new 4” vinyl figures – Superman, Joker, and Wonder Woman – are sculpted in the block-figure style, each striking an iconic pose straight from the comics.
$9.99 each

DC Vinimates Flash TV Vinyl Figures
This assortment of Flash characters is based on the hit CW TV show and includes 4-inch versions of Flash, Reverse Flash, and Captain Cold.
$9.99 each


Kingdom Hearts Vinimates Vinyl Figures
These four block-based figures take the main characters of the franchise -- Sora, Donald, Mickey, and Goofy -- and transport them into the world of Vinimates, where each 4-inch vinyl figure has an articulated head for additional posing options.
$9.99 each




Marvel Minimates Series 74 Greatest Stories 2-Pack Assortment
The record-setting 74th series of Marvel Minimates is one for the ages, spanning four different storylines from Marvel’s history. This assortment of four two-packs captures four of the greatest Avengers in four of their most epic battles, with four new outfits and four never-before-made opponents. From the “Surtur Saga,” Ages of Thunder Thor takes on the first-ever Surtur Minimate. From “Planet Hulk,” King Hulk takes on the first-ever Red King. From “Old Man Logan,” Logan takes on the never-made Ashley Barton Spider-Girl. And from “Secret Empire,” Agent of Hydra Captain America takes on the all-new Ironheart.
$9.99 each 2-pack



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