Devil's Head Productions has a fairly significant figure drop taking place this Saturday - August 5th 2017.

Apalala is back in this microrun painted by sofubi customizer extraordinaire Hellopike. Half the run is on a pink vinyl base with tons of metallic colors and a bit of black, white and tan too. The other half is on white vinyl and features an earth tone paint rub with swampy green and blue tones complemented by hits of silver, purple and brown. They will be limited to one pice per person and sold blind bagged.
$150.00 each

Hellopike also threw down some paint on DHP's Jizo. Metallic tones are complemented by a splash of red and a splatter of black. Unlike Apalala X Hellopike, there is not a limit on this release.
$30.00 each

DHP has teamed up with Chinese vinyl maker Nomiwa for this mircorun of Hogada. This strange merging of Buddhist imagery and insectoid structure creates quite a presence with the lights on or off. Cast in blue GID vinyl, a pink rub has been applied with pink, black yellow, green and bronze paints overtop.
$125.00 each

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