With summer movie season kicking off - yes, Spider-Man: Homecoming will be arriving on the big screen real soon - Hot Toys has announced the Spider-Man: Homecoming Cosbaby Series. Designed with additional magnetic features, fans can display their Spider-Man Cosbaby in unique styles.

The series features Spider-Man in his homemade suit, cool-headed Tony Stark with his kitty shirt, and Peter Parker carrying his Spider-Man face mask. If you look careful enough, the set also includes a mini flying Iron Man Mark XLVII. The Spider-Man and Iron Man Mark XLVII Collectible Set will include the iconic Spider-Man hanging on the spider-web with a flying Iron Man Mark XLVII. Last but not least, is the set including the Spider-Man upside-down dangling pose, Iron Man signature flying move, and the villainous Vulture floating in mid-air.


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