Diamond Select Toys has released a pair of collectibles from some iconic 1980's movie licenses. The Ghostbusters Select Action Figures Series 5 Assortment unleashes three spirits from the original 1984 movie: the Library Ghost, the Taxi Driver Zombie, and a Terror Dog. Each 7-inch scale figure features up to 16 points of articulation, as well as character-specific accessories: the Library Ghost comes with a stack of books, the Taxi Driver comes with a steering wheel and the Terror Dog comes with interchangeable horns so it can be either Zuul or Vinz Clortho. Plus, each figure comes with a piece of the rooftop diorama. Sculpted by Gentle Giant Studios, the set runs $24.99.

The Back to the Future 2 Frozen Hover Time Machine Electronic Vehicle is a 1:15 scale Time Machine from Back to the Future 2 that has adjustable hover wheels, the iconic Mr. Fusion fuel device, and a thin coating of “frost” over its entire surface, to replicate the effects of time travel. The vehicle measures approximately 14 inches long with opening gull-wing doors, and time-travel lights and sounds are triggered at the push of a button. You can pick it up for $59.99.

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