The Masters of the Universe Classics line continues with eight new exciting Eternians from the folks at Super7. They've announced the next assortment of Classics and Club Grayskull figures. Each assortments will be made up of four deluxe, fully articulated action figures that stand 7 inches tall and a number of accessories.

The Masters of the Universe Classics (shown above) assortment includes Quakke, Fangor, Hawke, and Lodar.

The Club Grayskull assortment (shown directly above) includes Hordak, Man-At-Arms, Teela, and Tri-Klops.

Both assortments will be available for pre-order from Super7 beginning on Friday, May 5th 2017 at 3PM ET (and remain available until June 2nd). Each wave is offered as a set of four figures, with the option to add additional figures individually. Each set of four figures is offered at $139.99, and each individual figure added at $34.99. The figures are expected to ship October 2017.

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