The Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 has arrived in theaters, and Hot Toys has announced a number of Guardians to their Cosbaby family. The latest Guardians of the Galaxy Vol.2 Cosbaby Bobble-Head Series 2 is composed of 4 devoted Guardians including Star-Lord, Rocket with Groot on his head, Mantis, Yondu and Nebula. There will be two sets to choose from. 

The first set features Yondu and Rocket with Groot on his head. Yondu is cool and stylish with his Mohawk fin, velvet-coloured trench coat and purple suit. He also has his Yaka Arrow ready for launch. Rocket Cosbaby carry two guns and it is flying in mid-air with his duo jetpack. Being his best partner, the cute Groot just lies comfortably on Rocket’s head with such an adorable innocent expression. Groot Cosbaby will come with a new magnetic feature.

Another set features Star-Lord and Mantis. With Star-Lord wearing a headset attached to his purple cassette player, dressed up in his long velvet-red jacket, grayish t-shirt and holding his Element Guns, creating a great contrast with Mantis in her green outfit waving to say hello to fans, it’s just an irresistible combo. On top of these amazing sets, Nebula and Groot in Ravager outfit Cosbabies will be available individually.

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