Darkstonetoys is a new company that's currently taking pre-orders for their Shadow the Assassin Raccoon resin figure based on the illustrations of Juan Carlos Valdez, a Miami based artist. So what you're seeing here is a 3-D render. The pre-order is so the piece can get funded and made (basically Kickstarter minus the slight feeling of security of Kickstarter). The plans are for this resin piece to measure 7 inches tall. There will 2 colorways aside from the main color version. And it runs $75.00

Of course, I should warn you about the multiple misspellings, the lack of any other releases from this company/artist, that there isn't an actual product being shown here, and that the 3-D renders are missing the coloration for Mr. Raccoon's nose in the below photos. If you're okay with all of that and don't care about your $75.00...go ahead and pre-order one. Please tell us if/when you get it.

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