Clutter Magazine has announce their latest project with artist Huck Gee. The SKLFKR is a 20 inch tall skull-laden mecha. As part of winning his prestigious 2015 Artist of the Year and 2015 Toy of the Year Designer Toy Awards, Huck was provided a sponsorship to work with 3D printing technology to bring to life a brand new creation. 

To make this dream a reality we partnered with 3D sculpting and printing masters, CUBO – the only team we knew could pull this off. Helping us bring this massive project to reality, Cubo 3D sculpted, rendered and printed this mighty beast. Not only that, they engineered and constructed a series of 3D printed gaskets in order to joint the SKLFKR and give it 7 points of articulation!!

The piece will be cast in resin and hand assembled by Clutter Studios. More release information will be announced soon.

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