Charles Creature Cabinet has release another round of Troll Babies for pre-order. Ulla, Ugo, and Ebba are each being released in various forms. Each one stands about 2.35 inches tall and glows in the dark. The Troll babies all come with faceup, random colored glass 6mm eyes, special pillow pouch and card of authenticity signed and numbered by Charles.

The items below will be offered:

Ulla (Oola) Pink and Ugo (Oogo) Pink and GID White - €259 each (about $277)
Ulla (Oola) Green and Ugo (Oogo) Green and GID Green - €259 each (about $277)
Ebba Tan & GID Yellow - €259 (about $277)
Ebba Tan & GID Yellow with "Wildstripe painting/faceup" - €289 (about $309)

Very Limited Full sets (6x) including a "Lamb Outfit" handmade by Murjani's Fairy Fragilities - €279 (about $299)
Very Limited handmade/felted "Spring Troll Baby Nests" (4x) by Fairy Fragilitie - €39 (about $42)

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