A new weekly toy show has been announced via the video below. Toy Geeks: Behind The Counter will feature Jack Venturo, Ben Goretsky, and George Gaspar. If Ben and George are familiar, it's because they made up two-thirds of the crew at Toy Break - probably the most well-known (and longest running) toy show to survive the designer toy era.

If George and Ben are doing Toy Geeks...it wouldn't make sense for them to continue doing Toy Break (essentially two shows with the same premise). Right? Unless they completely repurposed Toy Break. So, I looked at Toy Break's website and Ayleen (Dority) is now listed as the lone host of that show. Also, the show has moved to a monthly format beginning in 2017. So what does it all mean?

I guess we will find out when both Toy Geeks and Toy Break begin producing new content.

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