Silicon Valley Pop! Vinyl Figures

The dedicated staff at Pied Piper are ready to have their moment in the Funko and HBO Global Licensing have announced a new line of Silicon Valley Pop! Vinyl Figures. The 3.75-inch tall vinyl figures will begin rolling out in February2017, ahead of the Emmy-winning comedy series’ highly anticipated season 4 premiere.

The series includes:

  • Richard Hendricks - founder of the buzzy start-up Pied Piper
  • Erlich Bachman - owner of the Hacker Hostel that serves as Pied Piper’s headquarters
  • Dinesh Chugtai - a code writer at Pied Piper who often finds himself sparring with Gilfoyle
  • Bertram Gilfoyle - a systems architect at Pied Piper who often finds himself sparring with Dinesh
  • Jared Dunn - head of business development at Pied Piper

And, if you're wondering, they're already up on ready to pre-order.

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