Yesterday, Forbes published an article entitled Ever Hear Of Funko? They Plan To Be A Billion Dollar Toy Company. It's an interesting look at the company and their aspirations. Some of the big takeaways are the sheer number of licenses that they hold in a given year. It's not surprising if you follow this site...Funko seems to produce a Pop! figure for every and any pop culture event.

The financial aspect is also interesting. If you have followed Plastic and Plush since its inception, you likely remember the "old Funko". They produced wacky bobbleheads and items based on weird licenses and original characters. At San Diego Comic Con, they'd always be giving away random items to Con-goers. But the company has apparently changed hands several times since that point in time.

"For now the company is privately owned. However, it's outreach to the financial community could signal its first steps towards going public. It was acquired by private equity fund ACON Investments from Fundamental Capital in 2015 for an undisclosed amount and is based in Washington."

Funko was able to take the stylized designer-toy look of their Pop! figure (which is clearly their leading product) and transcend the "mass market". There will be questions whether Pop! vinyl figures are an art toy (I think they are) or a designer toy (they aren't), but they're apparently doing well enough to warrant the attention of Forbes magazine.

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