have less than a day until Christmas. So that means you should have purchased gifts or you should be in the process of getting them. We have some non-toy related items...and if you're like me, that means buying a lot of Pokémon stuff for your kids.

Pokémon The Series XY - Kalos Quest DVD Set Number 2
It features 23 Pokémon Episodes (#23-45). Released on December 13th from VIZ Media
$22.50 at

Pokémon Diamond and Pearl 4-Movie Blu-Ray Collection
It features 4 Pokémon movies: The Rise of Darkrai; Giratina and the Sky Warrior; Arceus and the Jewel of Life; Zoroark: Master of Illusions. Released on December 6th from VIZ Media
$22.50 at

The Pokémon Cookbook by Maki Kudo
The book features 35 (easy to  make) Pokémon-designed recipes. I hope they turn out like the pictures.
$9.27 at

Movie Buff by Golden Games
Not a true movie-trivia game as there are no trivia questions. But you make your own connections based on your own movie knowledge, connecting items like Actor, Movie, Role, Quote, etc.
$24.95 at

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