With its built-in cloaking system, the Mark XV "Sneaky" armor is among the most unique armors in Tony Stark's "House Party Protocol" in Iron Man 3. Hot Toys offers a special inspired take on the armor, livening up the original's cool dark gray color scheme to give it the Iron Man classic red-and-gold finish which first appeared in the Iron Man 3 concept art of this armor.

The Retro Armor Version of the 1/6th scale Mark XV "Sneaky" Iron Man collectible figure has the same sleek form factor as the movie version, but is given the iconic red-and-gold Iron Man coloration with newly painted and electroplated parts to mimic the original concept art design. This figure features a meticulously crafted armor equipped with LED light-up functions on eyes, arc reactor and repulsors, the unique asymmetrical forearm design, plus a specially designed dynamic figure stand and gold colored name plate.

Sideshow Collectibles currently has the Iron Man Sneaky Mark XV available for pre-order. It's priced at $264.99 and anticipated to begin shipping in Q1 of 2017.

The 1/6th scale Sneaky Mark XV (Retro Armor Version) Collectible Figure features the following:

  • Based on the construction of Sneaky (Mark XV) from Iron Man 3
  • LED-lighted eyes and circular-shaped arc reactor on chest
  • LED-lighted left forearm
  • Removable chest armor to reveal interior mechanical design
  • Shin armor can be opened to reveal interior mechanical design
  • Pair of hands with articulated fingers and light-up repulsor
  • Pair of fists
  • Pair of repulsor-firing hands
  • Specially designed dynamic figure stand with gold colored name plate

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