Pretty in Plastic has announced that, after much anticipation, Henry & Glenn Forever (the love story to end all love stories) is jumping from the comic book page into the real world, just in time for DesignerCon 2016. The Henry and Glenn “Lil’ Wrestlin’ Muscle-Punks” official release will take place at DCon 2016. 

Tom Neely teamed up with Ramirez Studios and Pretty in Plastic to create Henry (2.75 inches tall) & Glenn (2 inches tall) action figures; designed by Tom Neely and produced by Ramirez Studios and Pretty in Plastic. You'll be able to pick up the Original Color-way First Pulls and the D-Con Exclusive Black "We are 138" (limited to 138 pieces) signed and numbered by the artist. The DCon special pricing is $10.00/each (Regularly priced at $15.00/each).

And...yeah...they're supposed to be Henry Rollins and Glenn Danzig.



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