"The most villainously vile vermin ever assembled lurk in the shadows and plot their evil deeds. What's the Worst that could happen?

Super7 releases their retro-inspired line - The Worst - tonight (September 14th 2016) at 11:59PM PST. The Worst Midnight Special is The Worst set of six 3.75-inch tall evil action figures, each packaged individually on blister card with accessory and featuring amazing card art by Ed Repka. It will run $90.00 per set and include the following characters (in the order as they are pictured below).

  • X-2 the Unknown - Mysterious Shadow Assassin
  • Gas Phantom - Ethereal Specter of Evil
  • Snake Tut - Serpent God of Destruction
  • Robot Reaper - Robotic Harbinger of Death
  • Batula - Bat Prince of Darkness
  • Black Falcon - Undead Warlord of Doom

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