The only people to have produced as many Iron Man suits as Tony Stark would have to be Hot Toys. And they're back at it again with the introduction of the new 1/6th scale Mark VII (Sub-Zero Version) Collectible Figure.

The Sub-Zero version Mark VII’s design is inspired by the concept of Tony Stark creating a specialized armor for carrying out missions in the frigid zones with its color scheme acting as camouflage to conceal itself in areas filled with heavy snow.

The exclusive Mark VII (Sub-Zero Version) Collectible Figure features multiple layers and various shades of white and light grey colors on armor with white carbon-fiber like designs, Stark Industries decals at various parts of the armor, LED light-up functions, interchangeable armor parts, and a specially designed white colored dynamic figure stand.

Sideshow Collectibles is currently taking pre-orders for the Mark VII (Sub-Zero Version) figure. It's priced at $297.99 and expected to begin shipping in Q4 of 2016.


The 1/6th scale Mark VII (Sub-Zero Version) collectible figure features the following:

  • Authentic and detailed likeness of Mark VII in The Avengers
  • Specially applied multiple layers and shades of metallic and pearl white and light grey-colored painting with white colored carbon-fiber like design on armor
  • LED-lit eyes and circle-shaped Arc Reactor on chest (white light, battery operated)
  • Stark Industries and “Project Sub_Zero” decals on various parts of the armor
  • Matte grey colored mask
  • Pair of interchangeable forearm rockets
  • Pair of interchangeable wrist guards for posing with repulsor firing hands
  • Pair of hands with movable fingers and light-up repulsors (white light, battery operated)
  • Pair of fists
  • Pair of repulsor firing hands with light-up function (white light, battery operated)
  • Two sets of interchangeable shoulder armors (normal & missile styles)
  • Articulations on waist armor which allow flexible movement
  • Fully deployable air flaps on the back of the armor
  • Specially designed white colored dynamic figure stand with Mark VII nameplate and movie logo

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