Debuting at the ToyCon UK this year, Javier Jimenez of StickUp Monsters has teamed up with Martian Toys to offer a few exclusives...plus, a totally new resin figure. A ToyCon UK exclusive colorway of Wananeko will be released at the event. Factory painted in different shades of brown, the Stray Wananeko stands about 5.5 inches tall and comes with an alternate weapon: the Ghost Blaster. The figure includes a header card illustrated by artist Pedro Delgado, aka Kid Kaos.

A very limited run of 3 hand painted Wananeko figures will be also available: the Outlaw Wananeko. Featuring his Ghost Blaster, a cloth poncho and a cowboy hat, this badass yokai cat is looking for some furniture to use for target practice. There will also be a new mini-size resin figure to be announced in the following days. They'll be available at Booth No. 11-12 at ToyCon UK.

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