Today (April 6th 2016) at 11AM PST, Yosiell Lorenzo will be dropping the Sickling Spring Release. That release includes the Tea-Makers in maroon and sapphire colorways. They'll be limited editions of 3 pieces of each colorway for $80.00.


There are also the Grimoire Guardians (above), with an edition of 5 pieces in each colorway (moss green and murky blue). They'll be available for $40.00 each.


Also, Tea Barrel Snail Riders, shown in the image right above here, will be a limited edition of 2 pieces and they will run $100.00.


The Stone and Amethyst Mini Sicklings are sold as a set for $20.00 or individually for $12.00 each.


And the Magi Scout, a one off Sicklings figure, stands 6 inches tall and comes attached with a mossy base for $260.00.

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