Ben Spencer of Galaxxor has a pair of pieces in this weekend's (In)Action Figures 4 Group Show at The Clutter Gallery. Based on the twins Tomax and Xamot from G.I. Joe, Nordrax and Xardron also pay homage to He-Man and Faker. These one-off resin pieces measure in at 5.5-inches in height. They're designed, sculpted and hand-painted by Ben Spencer and hand cast in resin by The Godbeast. Also, the head is from Realm of the Underworld by Zoloworld. Look for them to be available from the show for $90.00 each.

As Lord Gorgax travels throughout The Galaxxorverse, crushing worlds and unleashing The Omega Power upon all in his path, he commands his fleet from an obsidian longship. When Gorgax sets his sights upon his next target planet, he sends in advance two of his most trusted henchmen, Nordrax and Xardron, The Heralds of Oblivion! Twin brothers born of the twisted alien planet Kardanthria, Nordrax and Xardron compliment one another with their opposite natures. Nordrax is cold, cruel and calculating, while Xardron is a raging berserker of a warrior. Together, they are sent out ahead of Gorgax's fleet, to weaken a planet's defenses or even topple it from within, prior to Lord Gorgax unleashing his Cyborg Space Barbarians upon it!

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