World's End has launched a new project Gucha Gucha - paying homage to heroes and villains from over 50 years of Japanese pop culture anime and manga. This first figure is an art toy by Singapore-based artist KILAS AKA Zahir Sanosi. KILAS' piece is titled My Neighbor Kilas. The toy stemmed from the conspiracy theory that Studio Ghibli fans would swiftly deny, which is My Neighbor Totoro as the Angel of Death.

There are two color variants available - natural and white. It includes both an umbrella and a scythe to hold in its right hand. Also, the art toy also acts as an incense holder for offerings to the lords of fire and brimstone. You can pick up either version for $200.00. The pre-order window will close on March 25th 2016, and the production will take roughly 8 weeks following that.


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