Patrick Wong has announced the pre-order details for the final installment in his Beats Series resin figure series. The Maschine Studio, named after the popular beat production controller from Native Instruments, is a 3-inch tall resin that carries a silver laptop under one arm. The figure is currently available to pre-order, through February 9th 2016, in both Black or White version. They run $40.00 each plus shipping.

The genealogy of samplers referenced in the Beats Series mark the beginning, evolution, and the end of a certain way of making music that roughly spans 30 years. "The last piece of the Beat Series was planned from the beginning and it's clearly a different type of technology from the standalone units. I was interested in this idea around the history of beat machines because I saw a turning point when Maschine came on the scene in 2009. It's not that long ago, but my in view the German-based music production gear took over a field dominated by the Japanese for decades," said Wong.


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